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Dr. Zeno

Supreme Intellect

Middle Line DPS

Dr. Zeno can switch between Physical and Magic Attacks with the activation of his Ultimate Ability. Every time Dr. Zeno uses his Ultimate he gains a boost to both his Magic and Physical Attack stats.

Dr. Zeno
Supreme Intellect


Health Growth:98
Physical Attack Growth:5.8
Physical Armor Growth:2.8
Magic Attack Growth:8.9
Magic Armor Growth:3.5


Physical Attack:605
Magic Attack:1847 + 675
Magic Crit Rating:123 + 50
Magic Pierce Rating:243 + 35


Max Health:16840 + 6480
Physical Armor:749 + 198
Magic Armor:700 + 170
Dodge Rating:40


Health Recovery:510
Energy Recovery:150
Ability Level Bonus:2

Cerebral Fire
Each time Dr. Zeno uses this skill, he switches from Magic Attacks to Physical Attacks, or vice versa.
Laser Sweep
Sweep the battlefield with a high powered laser, dealing AOE magic damage.
Corrosive Slime
Dr. Zeno fires a ball of slime from his weapon, stick to one or more enemies.
Mental Forcefield
Dr. Zeno focuses his enormous mental energy on protecting his teammates, increasing the magic armor of all allies.
Green + 1
Blue + 1
Blue + 2
Purple + 1
Purple + 2
Purple + 3


Attack + 1000
Def + 10000